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So yeah, cool.
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Our ties stretch
Till the laces slip
Between the knots my knuckles make
And fingers can’t grab
At the ends
I feel your attention fray
Out in all directions
Spreading like splayed palms
Till you’re worn so thin
I can start to see through your motive
And it’s the kind of mirror
You’re scared to look at
For fear of seeing fact
And recognizing her

Some days I talk to you
And I hope you listen
I leave every sentence
Breathy with room
Pregnant with a pause
So if you wanted
You’d have the space to slip in
Between my gaps, I’d let you
Gather. How ever much you’d let
Come and congregate
In my lungs between the inhales
And the exhales when I am
Only holding, just holding
Where I need you most
When I’m waiting

My body is a temple
But some days
I am my own Samson
And the pillars
Are stretched farther
Than their joints can bend

Sharp tongues always feel
Like they can bite off more
Than they can chew, believing
They’ll gain some kind of
Higher moral ground
In the backlash they bring
When scrambling to maintain pride
In the face of opposition.
Flying faster than eyes travel
They race for some sort of retort
Comeback, insult, excuse
And even when I’m calm,
Peacefully protesting the anger
Lashing out like a whip in his words,
I’m wrong.
I mustn’t resist.
For I have no control.
And apparently I can’t think

Do you ever say something so incredibly stupid you want to travel back in time, slap your past-self in the face and shove a sock in it’s mouth so it won’t be able to spew it’s bullpooie? That’s me. Right now. Yup.

One month
Seems an eternity, the numbers
Spilling out over the edges
Of the reality I’m willing to accept
Waiting, I grew impatient
The second before this all started
You’re gone
And everything still smells like you
And my memory is still steeped pink
In the warmth of your gaze
But my stomach still churns with doubt
We made mistakes so quickly that you could just slip slide out of
I wait for reassurance to bleed out it’s approval
I wait for some kind of miracle
Where when the numbers line up
We’ll still be okay
But right now all I feel is the weight of all that time
Ticking in my bones, making fear feel at home

The fear
Of a little bump
Beneath my skin
Has kept me up at night
Till clock hands meet, waving
Hello and goodbye to the past
I watched them in the dark
Moving farther and farther away
From what I understand
My limbs ticking with tension
I breathe, in and out, in, out
The tide in my lungs smooths out
What lumps it can but some
Can’t be reversed

Looky who made a thing! :) I’m so pumped with how it turned out
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The ways that my lips
Try to part enough for you
To notice have become
Increasingly more idiotic
With every slipping syllable
I feel I carry around a dead weight
Some sort of anchor
That only ties my tongue tight
Up in the stupidest responses
And nonsensical retorts
You can’t possibly find smart
Let alone funny
I’d have more luck biting them closed when conversation ensues
To ensure minimal damage
To your already dented perception of me

I play back the tape.

Whimper whisper of the roll back
Click click of the tongue in motion

I promised, swore even,
Under bright lamp, spot light
I want your company
I want the shadow of your smirks
Catching the walls like prisms
From all that shine
The blooming of your thoughts, how ever sporadic and vibrant they be
I wish to see them grow out your words not only behind your eyes
I want summer time swings and tree fort building
I want all that, not much more
And no less

But the tape sputters at this point.
As if it knew the ending and the oh so dramatic irony

It’s weird
When the panic sets in
The first breath of a word
Can send me spiralling
I grasp for far-fetched explanations
As if they are grounded logic
And I wonderland fall
Through a conversation
Hoping your opinions never land
Quite where I expect them to
Praying this is all made larger
By the funhouse mirrors inside my head

Every night
The moon cycle continues
Orbiting around your phases
As your intentions shape shift
Into dashing demons
Wearing snugly fit angels’ smiles
With quiet whispers
Manipulating morals till they melt
Into the cupped hands you leave
For when the clock strikes
And all my inhibitions disappear

We sat
Scooping up buckets of sand
Making time castles.
Sieves make poor tools
Always seeping and spilling
But they’re all Mother Nature gave us
You’re sly and try to counteract;
Scoop faster, pile higher
When she’s not looking
But soon the stern beam of her gaze hones in on your attempts
Causing winds to stir, seas to roll
I lean back and watch
For at the end of the day
All we’re really left with
Is flat surf

Anonymous sent: i hope you've been happier. ^^

I have been thank you :) Lately I’ve been quite happy, despite all the usual things that yes can be hard but I’m not struggling like I once was. Thank you for this though, it made me smile when I saw it. I hope you have a wonderful day anon 

My chest houses more than it’s able
If the government health and safety people put out a policy stating how much one chest is able to be burdened with
I’m over the limit, over capacity
In the danger zone, red, blinking lights
Weeee oooo weeee ooooo
It feels like a balloon at a kid’s party with too much helium
Growing growing growing grow- POP
And then what would come of me
Other than just some abstract splatter painted splash on the walls?