Well hi there. So first off, I have to admit I am absolutely horrible at these things so please bear with me. So, hi there, I'm Leah. I'm just your average teenage girl that isn't quite sure what she's doing with her life but hey who does. This blog you stumbled upon is obviously a collection of my writing, but I want it to be about more than just endless text on your screen. I hope you might take something from it, from this little bit of me and maybe keep coming back for more. Anywho, feel free to ask me or just send me a message about anything. My ears are always open to listen and I would love to get to know you. Anyway, I hope you enjoy. Creative Commons License
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We sat
Scooping up buckets of sand
Making time castles.
Sieves make poor tools
Always seeping and spilling
But they’re all Mother Nature gave us
You’re sly and try to counteract;
Scoop faster, pile higher
When she’s not looking
But soon the stern beam of her gaze hones in on your attempts
Causing winds to stir, seas to roll
I lean back and watch
For at the end of the day
All we’re really left with
Is flat surf

Anonymous sent: i hope you've been happier. ^^

I have been thank you :) Lately I’ve been quite happy, despite all the usual things that yes can be hard but I’m not struggling like I once was. Thank you for this though, it made me smile when I saw it. I hope you have a wonderful day anon 

My chest houses more than it’s able
If the government health and safety people put out a policy stating how much one chest is able to be burdened with
I’m over the limit, over capacity
In the danger zone, red, blinking lights
Weeee oooo weeee ooooo
It feels like a balloon at a kid’s party with too much helium
Growing growing growing grow- POP
And then what would come of me
Other than just some abstract splatter painted splash on the walls?

Pitter patter rabbits
Are thumping through my breast
Bone and muscle, nerves and impulses
All shudder and shiver
I’m left grasping for some kind of solidity
Some kind of serenity
When the chaos from her simple words
Made my heart race but not in the good butterfly flutter-by kind of way

The gingerbread soldier marched
In his little cookie cutter lines
Rising only in the heat of the moment
When the moment was right
Firm in his notions, he goes through the motions
Like a perfect product of some set design

I know that sucker punches
Are not always the best form
Of communication, but sometimes
My lips just can’t soften enough
To kiss the words off my tongue
They catch on my teeth
And gain a bite, a hook I never meant
To snag in skin. It digs
A hole I can’t climb out of
With a quick smile and a silky apology
I guess I never quite learn
Barbed thoughts don’t make
Very good company

Awe thank you :) I’m just gonna try to hibernate all weekend from inside a super duper huge pile of blankets and hope it goes away quickly

Bronchitis is a pain in the but :(

She keeps a quip
Pulled tight against the raw of her tongue
And the bite of her teeth

Quivering in the air below,
Her Cupid’s bow quirks
Her lips already sing of victory
As my skin stings in preparation

She lets her jab fly
And it sinks home
Deeper than my scars will show

Have you ever
Skid around people like pylons
Trying your best to stay outside
Their yellow eyes?

I feel like I barely scrape past your finish line

I know our acquaintance
Has been short lived,
Short breath’d but
L’esprit in your words and
La coeur in each letter
With every prochain
I feel le temps
Move plus and plus

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Strums hum under
My skin in time with a rhythm
I don’t always understand

The time is kept but the speed
Is a little too much for my feet
To tap out the answer

The word awkward
Rolls off my tongue and gets stuck
At the tip, like it finally realized
The nature of its identity
And wants to scramble back inside
Where it’s dark and warm
And no one gives you icy smiles
Stinging with apathy

So far I’ve found heat works the best for me. I’m just crossing my fingers and hoping that it’ll be at least manageable for tomorrow

Aww thank you so much :) I pulled muscles in my lower back a while ago but I thought it had gotten all better. Oh well a ton of Advil and heating pads for me I guess